Ruida RDC 6442s jogging stops left to right without letting off button, just installed new controller

Please delete if I did this wrong, this is my first post. I just installed a new Ruida controller on a Rabbit Laser, every now and again when jogging across the machine the laser will stop, I let up and push again and it resumes on it’s way. It also crashes to the upper left hand corner if I don’t hit the esc key when turning the machine on. I have not plugged in the laser tube until I can get the axis figured out.

Sounds like your direction of travel, home position, and may other parameters are not set yet. Disconnect your steppers and watch Matt’s videos to go through the basic settings. He has a controller change from Top Wisdom to Ruida that you can get a fair amount of info from. You will have to reconnect them to set your step length, but you can get everything else set without them connected. I set mine up with a 24V wall wart before I ever started the physical swap.

This might help as well:

This is perfect, I seen this & over looked it, it is confusing when looking at so much information.
Thanks for getting me back on track.

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