Ruida RDC442G-B with CO2 and Diode laser

Hi guys i have a Ruida RDC442G-B controller and i have a laser diode from Neje12v 7w 3 pin wire and i want to use this diode in my laser co2 machhine any help how to connect wiring and all and is it safe to use diode in co2 machine?

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I have mounted one at the right side of the CO2 head, connected it to laser 2.
My lasers have pwm and I have to select the rf laser and choose with pre-ignition to have low light as well, I love the ease to align stuff with it.
The only thing that does not work is the focus tool since that only works with laser 1 in Lightburn. I have added an extra orange plexi over the window and still wear the red glasses.

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can you show me the wiring fromm the controller

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can make you a picture tomorrow

Thanks. YOu can send it on my fb

there they are

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I am finding this very interesting. I do not own a C02 laser, yet, but do have diode and have seen and heard how the diode does some things better.
Could you briefly explain how you chose which laser you want to use after loading your program into the Ruida controller.
Thank you

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