Ruida RDC6332M-B controller Chinese to english

If you have inductive/proximity limit switches they should light up when you put a piece of steel over the sensor. That would tell you if the sensor is working.

Hi Jeremy. Do u remember what the password was for the controller ? I cant change any parameters without it. Ive tried all the suggested ones from here and around other forums with no luck

I think it’s 666666 for this model unless someone changed it, most Ruida controllers are RD8888. I’ll check ours in the morning to be sure.

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Sorry, it took a couple days before I had time to get over to the laser area. There was an audit of the dept. I work in.

Anyway, the default password is 666888

Shame i hadnt seen your response earlier m8. i got so pissed off wasting time and money trying to get it to go that i took the ruida out and went back to the crappy Leetro controller. Then my z axis steppers crapped themselves. Buy a laser they said, it’ll be great fun they said… uh huh. lol.

I managed to work out the english menu but after a couple weeks of trying to get it going with the ruida controller i gave up and went back to the Leetro. thnx for replying.

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