Ruida RDC6332M-B controller Chinese to english

Hi everybody.
Does anyone have experience with this particular controller? Im finding a few videos on how to change the control panel from chinese to english but not for this exact model. Slight variations in models have different menu layouts and dont apply to this model. I dont know any chinese who i could get to decipher it so im really hoping else has this controller and have had to do the same. This is turning out to be harder than changing controllers.

Where did this controller come from? Was it already installed in the laser when you acquired it? I would try reaching out to the vendor to see if they have instructions or the controller manual for you. If all else fails, a cup of coffee and Google might be required to find the documentation for your control system. :slight_smile:

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Why don’t you attach a photo of this control board

Not sure of the exact menu, but Matt showed where is was at for the 6445G in his conversion menu. Memory says it defaults to Chinese.

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Did you purchase this from Cloudray?

I believe that is for RDCam software using that controller. I think that are looking for the HMI Control panel manual to change the display language on the machine, if I am reading that correctly. :slight_smile:

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I’m sure it is, but I don’t know much (of course) but perhaps it will help. Maybe not. My Ruida clone doesn’t have settings in the normal spots either.

 so in other words ive just spent $160 on the DSP version of lightburn for no reason. as this controller isnt supported.

I didnt purchase it. It belonged to the guy i bought the laser from, he installed it for me.

The laser came fitted with the crappy leetro controller which the supplier switched out with th

e Ruida when i mentioned my dissappointment.

You’ll have to do some testing and drink some coffee as @Rick said and hope they get back to you with the correct manual. But you can use their steps and get to system info where you choose the language as long as the screens match.

Don’t know if anything helps, but good luck.

thanks guys. do either of you know if this controller is lightburn compatible ?

You can always try for yourself to make sure it works as you’d expect. :wink: Download & Trial - Try before you buy – LightBurn Software

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I’ve got that controller and I use Lightburn DSP, as well as Metalcut and RDWorks

Awesome i havent blown my money then. I finally sorted out the chinese to english thing. I thought that was a major problem then i started the laser and it goes beserk crashing into boundaries. ive really opened a can of worms. too much so for a beginner im thinking.

I had similar issues when we purchased our 300w laser, the manufacturer stopped replying to email after we paid the full invoice and it had shipped, they didn’t care about warranty issues. The laser arrived with no memory in the controller and all the mirrors very far out of alignment, basically an enormous paper weight. Matt from MWLaser was a HUGE help, we had several emails and a few Skype calls and he was able to determine the controller was bad, after ordering a replacement (that should have been warranty) he walked me through setup and enough settings to get it running. I used my Bosch 3 axis laser level to get all the mirrors close and I also bought an alignment tool from that helped a lot (batteries don’t last very long in it). It was a little intimidating but I honestly couldn’t have made it any more of a paper weight at that point.

Glad u got it sorted. Mine is going to be a $6000 workbench. The guy i bought it off has washed his hands of it. When i turn it on The only thing it wants to do is repeatedly crash into its limits, that grinding is very offputting no matter how fast u hit the emergency stop. I should never have bought it.

have you tried unplugging the output to the motors? At least you’d be able to see if you could get into the menu. Is it traveling toward the limit sensors/switches or away? It should go toward them and stop at them, then return to the last place is was when it was powered off

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its travelling to the bottom right and not stopping at the limit switch. i’ll try unplugging the steppers and c if i can alter anything in the menu