Ruida RDC6445, x/y axis shifting

Hi, friends
Today I run my Ruida + Lightroom first time, and I have shifting problem (see video)!
I use direct drive Nema 23 - belt drive, and stepper driver TB6600 (X) and DM556 (Y), I run it on 24v 1.5A (TB6600 is set to 32 microstep 6400 Pulse/Rev)
So after work of 2 min. x axis is shifted by 3mm, shifting occurs in line and in scanning mode

YT video

Where I went wrong

LP, Chris

Seems you are using Flood Fill

Try disabling and repeat the test?

Yes, I set Flood Fill - so problem is more visible! Problem remains in all other setups (scan - line)

I see that problem happen often on floodfill, in other words the machine jumping arround is more prone for missalignment
But if it also happens with flood fill disabled, i would think you are skipping steps somewhere.
Checked belts tension and accelerations settings?

of course the make or break test would be to run the job at a absurd slow speed, to warrant acceleration and belts are not being stressed.
IF no fail there then you have a mechanical issue to figure out

I see some explanation on this site - can this bee a problem in my case?!

See " Fixing Skewed Engraving" PWM Rising Edge Valid

If you start altering variables, you will add more sand in the cogs imho
The slow speed test seems quite easy to do and obtain confirmation
a) is it stream GCode data
b) is it mechanical issue

finding the answer gives you the path to follow.

24 volts are very little for Nema 23 motors, my X axis, a Nema 24 motor runs on 60 volts.

I would recommend at least 48 volts

The problem is very visible when using Flood Fill, but impossible to diagnose if it is the skewed engraving issue because the segments are all over the place. If you run the test again without flood fill enabled, and it slants perfectly to one side, then it’s likely the PWM rising edge issue.

I easy fix problem with PWM rising - all good now!


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