Ruida rdc6445g help laser always firing

After I did the upgrade from Topwisdom to ruida now the laser it’s always firing with the jog controlled making lines everywhere any help?

What are your settings for the laser? Can you share a photo of the display while showing the laser settings? (manufacturer settings -> laser parameters)

Here it’s all the settings

And here it’s all the lines laser always firing

This also happens when the machine is idle? Or only when running your program?

Your laser settings look right to me. I would increase the min level though. 1% is very optimistic. Also you can disable laser2. Not really the problem, but it is neat to keep things tidy.

Anyway. Next question:

You said you upgraded from one board to the Ruida. Do you have some information regarding the wiring? What I am interested in, is how you wired the wires from your laser power supply to your Ruida controller. Can you make some photos and also a diagram which wire goes where? Also please provide a manufacturer and model of the laser power supply.

On the Laser Para page, try changing “Signal Level” to high. It’s possible that the TopWisdom setup used a reverse polarity compared to the Ruida.

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I change signal level to high and now it’s doing extra lines like the picture

Do you have both the LPWM output and the L-ON output connected to the power supply? You need both.

That’s how I setup the ruida

Can you also show the wiring going to your laser power supply? Otherwise all I see is colored wires, with no idea where they’re connected.

It’s hard to see the wiring and labels from these images, but it appears you have a red power wire and a ground both connected to G here:

Though that might just be going to your water flow switch. I don’t see anything specifically wrong.

These are the connections:

You’re lasers a CO2 right ? I’m just curious as I have the same problem with my laser but it’s a 5 Wat diode laser

… Oz was leading you in the correct direction. See my answer below.

IN is required , it is the PWM signal that controls the power, L is the on/off signal.

My mistake, LPWM1position 3 is incorrect.

Blue wire goes to L-AN1 Everything else looks good.

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I did change the blue cable but it’s doing a weir thing look a the picture

Looks like your laser origin is wrong. Go to the screwdriver and wrench. Put that origin to the corner where the laser shoots from.

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