Ruida RDC6445S potentiometers R1 and R2

Dear All,

I have recently received new RDC6445S. This controller has 2 potentiometers R1 and R2. There is no mention about the in any documentation. Considering their location close to laser control ports I would expect those may control the laser power. If, and how is not clear for me. Does anyone has any knowledge in this matter, or has any piece of technical documentation?

I hope for any tips or ideas. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


What is the physical location of these…?

As far as I know, the are probably related to the analog outputs for each laser… I have a 6442.


They are indeed located close to laser control ports so that would be also my guess.
Nevertheless I have no idea what those would regulate. I hooked up oscilloscope today and could not see any change while adjusting those. But I was in rush so I might miss something.

Anyway I have ordered 2 controllers do I have 4 potentiometers. Each set in factory differently so I am not sure if this is random or those are set in purpose like that to correct something.

I hate not knowing … :wink:


I used to think I knew about these, but they continue to surprise me… I don’t try and second guess them anymore… my success rate was low :grimacing:

Between us, I wouldn’t screw around with them if I didn’t know what they did… I think I’d be more tempted to open it up and follow the circuit for some kind of indication…

It’s probably relative to the analog output… Since the machine is digital, except the analog outputs… what else could be adjusted?

Some of the older machines use a 0 to 10V analog control usually for spindle :thinking:


Yes, I think you are right. With those is not even reverse engineering but reverse guessing. I did a test on a port I do not use and finally set it back as it was (I marked the position earlier). And of course I did open it up but the board is multi layer and the tracks are not easy to track clearly.

I am sure it is about the analog output. What else it could be. My suspicion is also circling around idea like 0-10V like standard inputs for VFDs. Well I am not an electronics expert. I will give a shot to look at is my fiend who knows this stuff much better than me. If I will get to know something I will share my findings.

Since those are easily accessible I figured out they meant to be adjustable. So it would be good to know what those do.

Other than this I hope not touching anything would be fine for just switch the controllers and they will work.


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