Ruida RDV6442G controller with ccd camera

I Would like to know if LightBurn is compatible with the Ruida RDV6442G with CCD Camera. Thanks for the help


No. Not at this time.

We support the controller, but not the RDVision camera features.

So sad to hear that. Was looking forward to upgrading from RD Works to Light burn.

The CCD systems are relatively rare, they’re expensive to buy, and would require a dedicated machine set up to test with. We do plan to have our own head-mounted camera support before too long, but for now if you need the RDV camera support you’re stuck with RD. For other jobs you could use LightBurn - nothing prevents you from having both, you just can’t connect both to the machine at the same time.

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The new RDWorks .48 has a ‘canvas’ feature that looks a lot like it took pieces from the RDVision. Check it out and report back to us. I’ve tried to play with it, but the only camera I can get it to recognize is the one built into my laptop. That doesn’t let me look at my laser bed, it just reminds me how old I’m getting.

What camera do you use with RDVision? My USB webcam just confuses it.

Hi Dave!

I’m completely new to this. My Machine left this morning from the China Factory. I had a very good experience dealing with my sales exec. I got a very good deal with very good quality materials and a 100w RECI tube which is rated to peak at 130w, auto focus and the Ruida RDV 6442G controler that comes with its own camera setup. The chinese told me that they use RDworks for non camera use and RDVision when they use the camera. I’ve been trying to research about the camera operation and if it uses registration marks as well as scanning but it’s been a little difficult since there is not a lot of info available.

Just like Oz mentioned above, I think I’m going to start with RDWorks and as soon as I start making some money from the machine I’ll upgrade to LightBurn. From the videos I’ve seen it’s extremely more friendly since it’s not translated from chinese by chinese that don’t speak english very well.

This is the link to the controller and ccd I got:

I’m extremely anxious to get the laser here, but it’ll take like 45 days for the ship to get to Costa Rica.



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