Ruida - Remote Control - Wireless Keypad/Numpad

Hi All,
I have a laser with a working table size of 1300 x 900 mm.
For a long time I was tormented with fitting in the upper left corner, and with adjustment mirrors…
I would like to share my experience with you and hear your opinion.
I bought this device from AliExpress: Small-size 2.4GHz Wireless Numeric Keypad Numpad 18 Keys Digital Keyboard for Accounting Teller Laptop Notebook Tablets
First, I developed a mobile application for work, I thought it would be convenient, But, in practice, working with the sensor is not very convenient. You need to feel a tactile pressure.
After that, I developed an application program with Windows 64-bit, which binds keystrokes and already sends packets to the laser directly.

Ruida RMA: (Ruida Remote Mobile Application)

Ruida RWA: (Ruida - Remote Windows Application)

Remote Control:

Ruida - Numpad - Fit
Ruida - Numpad - Alignment

P.S. → Since the receiver on the wireless numpad is weak, I had to buy a USB extender and connect the receiver from the wireless numpad directly above the laser.

Ruida has an app for Android that works with most of their controllers. I have it for download on my Google Mod Page.

The program you are talking about is: “RuidaACS-Android-V1.0.apk”

  • This program was written a long time ago, the “Java” programming language was used, and this program was written for version Android 3.0 (11 - SdkVersion).
<manifest android:versionCode="1" android:versionName="1.0" package="com.xuaya.ruida">
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="11" android:targetSdkVersion="11"/>

P.S. → Due to the fact that the program was written for the old version, on newer versions of Android, the UdpClient that they used from a third-party company does not work as it should.

Moreover, it is not convenient use for sighting and there is no functionality for aligning mirrors at all.

Thanks for the info, I’ll pass that on to Ruida. They are in the process of updating most of their software.

If you have direct access to the developers, you can say them, that there are many more proposals =)
Moreover, if necessary, I can help with the implementation. (Experience in programming 14 years)

I’m dealing with the CIO over there. Came into the relationship quite by accident. They are making improvements on what is now known as RDWorks, and are crossing some of the new software over to the old. Their big push is a whole new software package, multi file, etc. The camera 'CANVAS" feature has been making steady improvements as well.

I have been passing little ‘user bits’ to him as I come across them. I don’t remember just how he says it, and his English is good but not great, but it comes down to being too close to the product. They make it do what they want, but don’t always have the point of view someone looking at it cold from the outside does. Simple things like a delay in the STATUS terminal before the job starts is really nice. I have my exhaust hooked to it as well as the master air assist solenoid. They come on, and then after the programmed delay, I have it set for 4 seconds, the job starts. The off delay still has a quirk in it, that or I just have fat fingers. The next firmware release should have a multi park option for the head as well.

I went the Stream deck route.
Setup went flawlessly and can be used for many other things.

My main needs were closer print / cut alignment.

Thanks for all the ideas on here!

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