Ruida screen and controller

Hi all, I am new to the group. I was recently cutting 3mm acrylic when my Chinese 60w blue and white just stopped mid cut. Water pump still running air running and laser power on. The ruida controller and screen has no lights, I changed the 24v power supply for a like for like but still nothing the power light is on for 24v. I’ve changed ruida controller and screen still nothing screen is blank and no power to controller.

What logically should I do next? Any suggestions or ideas would be really appreciated.

Check the wire connector at the display. I had a bad pin in mine, caused it to flicker every once in a while. Didn’t kill the machine, but who knows what each wire between them actually does.

I’ll give anything a go atm, thanks P

What’s atm ?

At the moment

LOL… that’s about the only one I know. I’m don’t do much texting.

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