Ruida Small Card? will it work?

Hi - im just shopping for a laser cutter and this one fittet with a 80w tube seems to fit my needs…

But the Ruida controller, I cant get any other information than its a “Ruida small card”? will it work with lightburn?

I haven’t seen every controller ever, but that panel doesn’t look like any Ruida ones I’ve seen before. Strange they can’t give you a model number. You messaged the seller?

Yes, Im awaiting an answer from them. They differentiate this product from another similar product they have with a m2 controller - and they also have a bigger product with a RUIDA6442 controller, but its bigger and and bit more expensive (approx 370 usd after freight costs)

I have used that specific Ruida controller with LightBurn and it works fine. It is the Ruida RD320 A controller. It is a 2 axis version of the RD6442.

It’s the 5120, not 320, but your other info is correct. It works well in LightBurn, 2 axis only, no preview on the display.

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