Ruida644X, i cant connect to lightburn

Hi there, i just got my new 1490 130w laser, but i can get it to connect to lightburn, i already have the k40 connected with cohesion board, but i cant with this one, how can i fix that

if it finds it by itself it dont saves it in lightburn

Thank you for pointing this out. This will need to be addressed in a future release, but let’s get you sorted. Are you running the GCode version of LightBurn? The ‘Find my Laser’ feature might be identifying that it found your Ruida but with the GCode version, you will not have the protocol support required and need to upgrade to the DSP version for Ruida support.

Could this be your issue?

You are maybe right, think it’s the gcode version I have for cohesion, how do I upgrade to dsp version so I have both

Head over to our web store where we offer this upgrade.

that means that i then have both, Gcode and DSP version ??

Yes, correct. The DSP version comes with full GCode support as you have now. Upgrading to the DSP version is additive, providing support for your Ruida AND your Cohesion setup.

and then i have license for 4 machines or still only 2

Still only two - The GCode to DSP upgrade is just paying the price difference between the two versions. The DSP version is more expensive to cover the fact that the protocols aren’t documented and took months of reverse engineering, compared to the (relatively) well documented GCode boards.

Having said that, we’ll bump you to a 3rd seat for free by request.

Perfect, I’ll order it tomorrow then