Ruler lies about segment length

Hi, maybe I’'m missunderstand the new “ruler” functionality, but when I select some segment, it’s highlighted, but the Segment Length doesn’t show the length of the selected segment, but the length of the selection move. Strange, I’d expected different behavior.

Which version of LightBurn, running on what version of OS?

Here is what I see.

linux version 0.9.24

I get this with Linux / 0.9.25 (pretty sure it worked with 9.24 also)

That’s pretty interesting. I don’t even see the possibility to download 0.9.25 :wink:
Anyway, the ruler still shows me the distance between points I click, not the distance of the curve. So when I click just once, there’s 0.00 distance, but curve I clicked on is selected (violet color on green curve). When I click, move and release, the ruler shows the distance I moved, but not the distance of the curve again. And I can’t figure out, how to add more segments to the ruler (that’s useless, anyway, when I can’t see the length).

That 9.25 version is a beta release at this point, so you will not see it available. Have a look at this for further details on how the ‘Measure Tool’ works. Redirecting...

The ruler has two modes of operation. To measure a segment as you are doing just hover the mouse pointer over the segment and do NOT click the mouse. If you click and drag the mouse over an empty area then you will start a measurement from that point instead. (I think this is what you are doing by mistake - Just hover don’t click.)

It would be nice, but because hovering over the segment does nothing, I tried to click. simple. Doesn’t highlight any segment, does not measure, does nothing. But I just found that clicking the middle button does the measurement, so I thank you all and close this as solved. Thank you.

You should not need to click - if you just point the mouse at a shape or segment it should highlight it and give you the relevant measurements. It doesn’t do this for you?

I have to click with middle button. Maybe because I use wacom tablet, not the mouse…? Anyway, just pointing does nothing. But it’s OK this way, Next time I’ll try harder before write here :wink:

Anyway: do you plan some feature like select more than one shape segment? (the whole polygon or just selected parts…)

I have no plans for this, no. We already show the perimeter length, which is the full shape.

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