Run command on job start/end?

I want to automate the exhaust fan for my enclosure by sending commands to a smart plug, which I can do from the command line in addition to my mobile phone app, so I would love a feature in the Device Settings that would let me specify paths to commands to run on job start and end. (For end, it would be great to specify a delay, so the exhaust could run a couple extra minutes to completely vent the enclosure.)

LightBurn offers a Feature Suggestions site where new ideas are gathered, Upvoted and implemented based on public interest and the availability of the Development Team. To participate in this process click on the Blue text in the previous sentence, and sign up on the Fider site. Quickly search for suggestions that are similar to what you’re looking for and upvote previous suggestions to give them more weight. If you don’t find what you’re looking for - please do offer your software suggestion there.

In the interests of getting the ventilation system (safety equipment) up and running quickly, you may want to control the ventilation system from the Fluid NC controller.

In LightBurn, in Device Settings, there is a G-code tab that allows leading and trailing commands (torch on/off, gas-purge, plunge, cooling on/off etc.) to be added to your streamed G-code. You could select an unused cooling feature to access a digital I/O pin to trigger your ventilation set up. The allocation of the I/O pins would be human-readable in the Fluid NC Config file.

Selecting a spare wireless doorbell switch compatible with your home automation system may offer an easy access point for your Fluid NC controller to talk to your ventilation system through your automation system.

I do not know of any current projects for LightBurn to communicate with home automation systems directly.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I’m out of pin-controllable outputs on my board; I am already using the one spare output I have for the air assist, which triggers an external ESP8266 board to send commands to the smart plug that powers the air pump. With a generic capability to run commands on job start and end in LightBurn, I would be able to automate the ventilation as well, without swapping hardware. :slight_smile: I will make the request in Fider.

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