Run from PC or USB directly

I’m having an issue with a large graphic file being sent over to my Bosslaser 3655. From what I can gather in testing, my max file size (after clearing the laser memory) is 16mb. Some of the graphics I am trying to work with create much larger files than the 16mb limit I’m running into. Is there a way to run programs directly from a USB drive or from the PC without having the load them onto the laser memory, similar to how CNC machines with limited on board memory do it?

edit: To add some more info, I have tried clicking the Start button in Lightburn, but the software still tries to send the file over to the laser, resulting in an error message “The File Data Error” showing on the screen of the laser.

Do you have an HP or LS? (Trocen or Ruida?)

Both should have 128mb to work with, and a roughly 100mb internal memory, not 16mb. Have you completely cleared the controller memory and reset it?

Trocen controller, and I have cleared the controller memory and reset the machine without any effect. From the additional testing I’ve done, it doesn’t seem to be the file size causing my issue like I originally thought. When I do more simplistic graphics that only use Fill and Line layers it doesn’t have any issues sending the file. It seems to only be struggling with image layers.

How is it that you are determining that 16mb is the limit? Is that the size of the LightBurn file, or the size of the UDisk file being sent to the machine?

The UDisk file being sent to the machine.

There is definitely not a 16mb limit for those. I have run much larger files with my Trocen controllers. What settings are you using?

I have also tried lowering the DPI to 300 and 275 but the size of the picture (~17in x 18in) seems to correlate to the issue.

and the picture modifications that I’ve made in Lightburn:


17 x 18" at 390 DPI works out to about 46 million pixels. If each one takes a few bytes of data to transfer, that quickly grows to more than 100mb. Have you tried saving the UD5 file to see what size it is on disk?

That would explain it than, seems I was WAY off on my estimate for the file size I was sending over to the machine.

After saving the UD5 file it is at 130mb, not the 16mb I thought it was. Is there a way to expand the onboard memory of the controller?

There isn’t that I’m aware of. Lowering the DPI, or using something like Newsprint dither will help (that uses clustered shading, so the generated machine code will be smaller). Try a small version of the file to make sure the shading is acceptable.

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