Run lightburn from same computer twice

I’d like to know if I can run Lightburn twice from the same computer. I can physically run the application twice but I have two laser that run Ruida ethernet and when I send to one, I can no longer push a file to the other. Each machine has been setup as different devices on seperate IP address. Both machines have to be restarted and software as well. I tried installing the software again into another drive location but I don’t have that option during install. Hoping someone could help.

TL;DR: This is partially Ruida’s fault, and partially mine, and hopefully fixed in the next release.

Ruida’s networking model is really simple. It’s UDP only, and uses a fixed port for return messages on the PC. RDWorks only connects for the duration of your command - as soon as the interaction with the machine is over, they close the port, and re-open it (and reconnect) the next time you do something. When I started working on LightBurn, I found this need to reconnect cumbersome, and it takes some time, so I made LightBurn leave the line open. The problem with this is that since there’s only one return port, only the first instance of LightBurn can receive messages from an IP-connected Ruida controller.

The next release of LightBurn moves to temporary connections, just like RDWorks, which will solve this.

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