Runaway Z Axis on home button

Hey guys, Need some advice with a problem setting up my GRBL 3018 CNC with Lightburn. The Y & X Axis work fine but I’m using a Diode 2.5w laser and don’t need the Z Axis but when I hit the home button the Z Axis travels all the way to the top so have to turn of machine as don’t have limit switches. I can then manually wind the Z Axis back down but then when I turn it back on it continues trying to travel up causing ne to turn it off again. Turn it back on again the Z stays in place but will do it all over again If the home button pushed. When doing this I moved to Y or X but when home pushed it only moves Z Axis. I use the machine with a spindle to machine Acrylic panels and it worked flawlessly & used it with laser using GRBL Laser with no problems. Thanks for any help. I searched the forums but couldn’t find anything similar. Cheers

Please try searching

Grbl z axis commands

Or similar in the forum search box. To here are many entries that might assist

Fingers crossed for luck



This might help and would be worth reviewing:

Cheers for that Rick, Will check it out.

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