Running a project again with new settings

If I complete a burn and then decide to change speed or power settings to run the same project again, are the new values automatically sent to the laser or does it just run the original ones?

Same question for if I stop a burn please.

Hi Patrick, you will have to resend the new settings.
You can adjust the settings while running a burn, in the ‘move’ pane.
If you ‘stop’ a burn i don’t believe you can resume it but if you ‘pause’ a burn you can resume.
I’m sure someone can correct me if i’m wrong…

Cheers Chris, how do I resend? Close the project and re-open?
Stop = No resume alright but I can start again. or start from a point in the burn using the preview option.

Whatever settings are in your cut layers the moment that you hit Start are the ones that will be used as LightBurn begins controlling the laser for the job.

If you later change those cut settings and hit Start again, the new settings are used in the job.

Similarly, if you have changed settings after a Stop, whatever settings are currently there as you press Start will be used.

You can adjust in real-time the speed and power levels of a current job by using the revised controls in the Move window that are there during a job. These controls in no way revise the cut layer settings so you would need to adjust manually if you wanted changes reflected in the next run.

That’s great information and really helped. Much appreciated.


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