Running an Xtool d1 Pro system on power inverter

Hi peoples, I am running an Xtool d1 Pro 10v on a Mac desktop computer. Sometimes it takes some long runs (time wise) to produce a decent piece. A couple times we have been hit with severe weather during those long runs and I have been lucky so far. No power blinks, outages or lightning strikes. We normally to have power blinks and I am certain a blink would stop the machine making it impossible to pick up where it stopped. My solution would be to set up either a 2000w or 5000w power inverter and run it off a deep cycle 12v battery. Then I could run a trickle charger to keep the battery up when needed. I am wondering if anyone has tried this? I believe I could run my laser, air assist, vent fan and computer as a closed system protected from the whims of Mother Nature. Any insights or thoughts would be appreciated.

I imagine it would be ok as long as your electronics will accept the inverter waveform.

That is a lot of inverter and probably far more than needed.

If you need only a minute or two of backup power to cover a glitch, a standard UPS will suffice for all the hardware you mention.

Get a power meter:

Measure the actual load from all the gadgets, double that number, and I think a kilowatt UPS for about $200 will be more than enough to get you through:

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I like that idea better and I do have a volt meter. The extended outages are rare so it is just the quick glitches I worry about. I saw them used on computer systems 15-20 years ago but had forgotten about them. Far easier to maintain too. Thank you.

I read that a 40w output diode laser draws about 250 watts off the power line. A 400-500 watt inverter should be more than adequate. Amazon U.S. lists them in the $60-$80 price range. Without getting technical, W (watts) and VA (volt-amps) are basically the same thing.

I am only running a 10w but I want to be sure to have the capacity to upgrade to a more powerful laser head.

Possibly true, but the OP also noted other gear.

Which is why I recommended buying a power meter (not a voltmeter!) to measure the actual requirements for everything, then rounding upward. :grin:

I saw that too, and still figured a 500w UPS would do the trick. The only advantage of a larger unit is that he can stay energized during a longer power outage. The idea of a UPS is to last long enough to enable reaching a safe shutdown point. They were never intended to be long term power sources.

If he needs 3-4 hours, or more, of power, the Inverter + 12v battery is a better option. But charging-discharging a 12v lead acid battery indoors carries its own risks.

Thanks everyone. My meter showed 217 watts with the 10w laser at 100% and air assist and vent fan both on high with computer running. I meant to type watt meter rather than volt meter yesterday. I plan to round way up so I can get a more powerful laser head in the future. I will go with the UPS. Longer outages are rare enough here and when if does happen, the UPS would give me enough time to fire up the generator.