Running light burn without being connected to a Laser Machine

Is there a setting where I can design things on lightburn and then run the program without having it connected directly to my laser.

I just want to see if things are doing what they’re supposed to do without having it connected to the laser.

Do the layout as usual, then click the Preview icon in the top toolbar:

Invaluable for verifying that what you think should happen will actually happen! :grin:

I do this all the time. I don’t like to have my laser running unless it is burning something.

@ednisley is more than right… You should use the preview before you ever run a job, it will save you time, materials, money and frustration…

I only have to make a couple changes and I run the preview before it gets to the machine… can’t tell you how much it has saved me…

It’s a good habit to get into before you run it on the machine.

It allows me to see into an areas, normally out of bounds, so I sometimes think of it as my third :eye:


Thanks, I’m just getting started with lightburn and I was not aware of the preview.

How do I find the preview button?

Windows → Preview

Use the Preview icon preview in/on the toolbar or the hot key alt-P…


Thank you, I think that was the only button I did not push in trying to find the preview

it will be your best friend. I use it constantly especially if you are using the only selected option. I use a lot of wood that doesn’t lay flat so I do an old CNC method anyplace that there is going to be dead space i cut hold to use hold downs first then come back and complete the cut and fill stages. so preview allows me to see what is selected to burn