Running LightBurn in an Ubuntu docker container

I had meant on the host OS, as in able to use the camera in another app but not LightBurn. But based on your last post it’s apparent that you’re talking about within the container.

Have you looked at preloading the libraries from 22.04 as described in post #10?

gawd, I was beating my head against a wall trying to the what was posted in #10 working and then I saw post #11 and voila. Added my gstreamer fix for the camera/video and now v1.3.1 is working on 18.04.6, that includes the camera.

Oh sorry. I must have referenced the wrong post. It’s not always easy for me to tell which post is which number.

Awesome result though. I’m trying to think through the implications of this if there are other camera issues or LightBurn issues that could be resolved on older distros using an older libc.

I was able to get the /dev/video0 device working inside the docker container with this added to the dockerfile.

RUN apt-get install -y libgstreamer1.0-0 gstreamer1.0-libav gstreamer1.0-tools gstreamer1.0-x gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-apps gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad

and adding --device /dev/video0:/dev/video0 after “docker container run” as in:
docker container run --device /dev/video0:/dev/video0 -u 1000:1000 xxxxxxxxxx

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