Running LightBurn in an Ubuntu docker container

I’m evaluating LB for a company that uses hardened environments, so most 3rd party software must be run in docker containers.

I got LB to open successfully in a slightly modified Ubuntu docker image, but I can’t get past the trial dialog. It claims the system time has been tampered with or that the trial period has ended.

What could be causing this?

Can you post the exact message?

It’s likely that the fingerprinting mechanism that LightBurn uses is balking at the way that the container is presenting the environment.

Does this occur at first activation attempt or is this occurring when starting for the second time post trial activation?

It occurs on first activation, but the docker environment isn’t persistent so I think it may have worked at some point since I started this endeavour.

I got the same when I ran Ubuntu from an ISO image, ie a LiveUSB from a thumbdrive. I never found a solution but to enter in my license code.

I believe the trial license key can only ever be activated once for a given hardware profile. With the “tampering” of the environment through the container being recreated it’s likely just picking up on that.

It’s not clear to me whether or not you’d experience the same issue if you were using a persistent key. I’d suggest sending an email to with a link to this Topic and explaining some of your organization’s needs and they may be better help you walk through possible licensing options.

Thanks, will do!