Running multiple lasers from one PC?

So I have been running my Gweike Cloud with Lightburn from my Windows PC for the last 10 months.

I just got my second Cloud today! YAY

HOWEVER, Lightburn only wants to run one of them at a time. So I came to the forum and I’m only finding threads from years ago saying it would be fixed. Nothing from 2023. Nothing recent on Youtube either.

I am running separate instances of Lightburn. But now I’m very lost, with a big paperweight!

Have you created two separate devices in LightBurn, one for each device?

I have. I also have my xTool P2 in lightburn as well. Doesnt seem to matter which Cloud is selected. Only controls whichever machine is connected most recently

How do you have these connected?

Are you using your local lan?

If you’re using the lan, they each have to have unique IP for each, which isn’t going to happen if you don’t have a console…


Both are connected via USB. They’ve never been set up via wifi or ethernet

Make sure the correct COM port is being selected for each device in Laser window. They must have discrete COM ports for this to work.

Yeah! They do. However it doesnt seem to mater which is selected. Both windows are still controlling only one machine. I tried them as serial and as packets.

Can you confirm that from a single computer that you can swap to either machine? If so, how do you do this?

Basically, I have to start whichever is responding, unplug its usb, then the other will work, so I start that one. I just know it isn’t a long term solution. I feel like it should work like it’s supposed to, without all the extra steps?

Okay. So you’re saying that you cannot toggle between lasers from a single computer? If so, that will complicate this.

Can you confirm that both machines are turned on when you start trying to swap devices?

If not, I suspect what’s happening is that the COM ports are getting assigned on a first come first serve basis to the laser first turned on.

That sounds right? But not sure how to make their ports static?

Can you confirm whether or not you’ve turned on both machines prior to opening LightBurn?

And does this issue only occur if you haven’t done so?

So, this might be my solution! I read your comment before I powered up this morning and it seemed to have fixed my issue! I honestly have shutdown and restarted so often that I didnt consider this as a solution!

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