Running Mutliple 100w laser machines. Exhaust question

I’m currently running 3 100w machines. cutting mdf and alder wood at the moment.

I have a decent exhaust setup using a blower from a bounce house and it works pretty well on evacuating the fumes. the fumes go out to a pipe thats outside. (away from anything and everything)

My question is what are you using to exhaust your fumes? particularly the smoke?

I’m just trying to decrease the amount of smoke, I have the blower inside a giant box that has hog hair filters and they catch the bigger particles but not the smoke…

to deaden the noise from the bounce house blower I have a plastic 55 gallon drum filled just a bit with water and have piping running underwater to muffle the noise. works great and does catch some smoke but not all if i can get it todissipate after 5 feet from the exit pipe that would be awesome.

(3 100w machines bed size is 25x35)

I am running a fairly large operation here given I have these lasers running 5 hour days monday-friday.

Cooling is on point, smoke inside the machine itself is zero.

Depending on the kind of fan you use you have some options. Fumes are always more dificulte to eliminate.


Those are the most commune fans for exhaust system.

If you can give more information maybe i can provide more specific solutions.

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Start researching smoke scrubbers. Basically, you pass the smoke particles thru water in some fashion to capture the smoke particles. Consider the water may become saturated with chemicals and must be handled properly.

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Yeah im looking into IP Sytems fume extractors I just sent them an email regarding my applocations and seeing if they have something for me.

looks like ill be looking for a warehouse to lease soon so im heading into the industrial fume extractors now.

Current blower uses the centrifugal style. not sure how many cfm’s but its loud. (its inside a soundproof box so its not as bad)

If is the centrifugal type is most suitable to use any anti-fume system that will cause some resistance to the exit of the air.

Keep in mind that with a large exhaust air system you somehow need to make up that air as well. In commercial kitchens the make ip air is often as big or a bigger issue then the exhaust air. And if you consider heating or cooling this can get even harder to manage. In a well sealed building large exhaust systems can cause issues with gas powered systems such as Water heaters or furnaces as the exhaust can pull the fumes from these systems back into the house. So be very careful if you are creating a powerful exhaust system.

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