Running this frame might exceed the bounds of your machine

Says out of bounds when doing frame from either user origin or current position, but will frame on absolute coordinates. I have one 3 inch object only on the page.

Where on the page? It’s telling you that at the speed you have set, it will go out of bounds trying to frame your object.

This is weird. I just tried again and it works now and nothing changed… Ill update if it does again.

On a servo machine, ignoring that would have it just roll to the extents of their programmed travel, and just move along the border. On a stepper machine, it could slam things and grind the belt a bit.

Make sure you have your origin to start in the corner you usually work from. And if you need, bump it away from the edge a bit. It might be thinking that an engraving pass is too close for deceleration?

User Origin and Current Position both use a stored location for where to start the job. Absolute Coords will run it exactly as placed on the workspace. So the important question then is where is your user origin, and/or where was the laser head when you were asking it to frame in the other two settings?

If your laser head was at the rear-right corner of the machine, for example, and your Job Origin was set to anywhere other than rear-right, it would fail.

If you aren’t sure how those other modes work, read here:

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