Russ Sadlers Formula files

Been watching Russ’ rdworks lab videos.
In one video he mentions “information pack” (that he offered to provide via email) containing his formula explanation and files for performing his dot tests. I did find the text of the writeup on the formula, but cant find the files.
Apparently he got too famous and removed any contact info, no way to contact and get full pack. Cant message him on YT as direct messaging is disabled.
Left a comment with my email, same as throwing a message in a bottle in the atlantic…

Anyone got a full set of things he was offering to share ?

Check on the official forum:

Apparently YT no longer allows direct messaging between a viewer and a provider. In the past, Russ has suggested that those needing to contact him personally leave a comment in a video with your interest and email address - he’ll then contact you and delete the email address from the comments.

You can email him through rdworkslab.

Figured as much. left comment on his video. Will check out rdworks website later.

@HalfNormal - last I read Russ wasn’t frequenting RDWorksLab much, if at all. Someone there might forward a message to him, though.

@MH1644 As per Peter Cyr on rdworkslab

“Russ is a member of the Forum but only visits - he does receive email if you send him private email.”

Thanks @HalfNormal - I didn’t realize he could be contacted that way.

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