Ryzen 7800X3D/ RX 7900XTX Rendering lag Windows 11?

So I recently built a new workstation/gaming PC and I have noticed a lot of lag in Lightburn. I upgraded my CPU to a 7800X3D from an Intel 9900k, I upgraded the motherboard to a Gigabyte x670 Aorus Elite AX from an Asus Z390-e ROG Strix, I upgraded the RAM to a 32GB kit of Trident Z5 RGB 6400Mhz from 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200Mhz, and I upgraded my GPU to an XFX RX 7900XTX from an MSI RX 6900XT.

The computer is way overpowered for just Lightburn but this is the first time I have gone with an AMD CPU and I didn’t know if there was any setting or anything I need to change. When I upgraded, I did update Lightburn to v1.4.00 and did a fresh install. I mainly get issues when trying to adjust photo settings like brightness, contrast, etc, or if I am moving the placement of the image or vector inside Lightburn.

I didn’t have this issue with my 9900k and 6900XT or with my old Dell mini PC using a 5th gen I5. It just has 8GB of ram and a basic SSD with integrated graphics. It’s slower to make some changes than my 9900k was but it’s been working better than my new computer. The 7800X3D isn’t really a productivity CPU but it has more cores and threads than my 9900k and beats it on all productivity benchmarks so I’m not sure what’s going on or if anyone else is having this issue. I tried searching in the forum but I didn’t find anything specific and may have not searched properly. I thought maybe its a DDR5 issue or maybe just something related to new drivers with Ryzen and RX 7000 series. Anyway, any help on this would be great.

Can you elaborate on the type of lag you’re experiencing? Are there specific situations that cause it? What exactly are you doing when it’s slow?

I’m running a laptop with a Ryzen 5 5600U running W11 and don’t notice any particular lag but it’s also possible that I’m just used to the behavior. The slowest function for me is in trying to use the Print capability but I do that only rarely.

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As I stated above, It mainly does it when I am adjusting image settings like brightness, contrast, and gamma. It gets worse when I raise the DPI. I know this raises the resolution of the image but I have no problem in photoshop making any other changes and I didn’t have this problem before. It’s not a terrible lag, but it takes a couple of seconds to render the adjustments and acts like it’s not using any GPU processing power to do so. DDR5 has twice the latency as DDR4 so I’m wondering if that could be part of the problem, but it’s just an annoyance and makes smaller adjustments slow.

I just tested this on a 6532x6532 image with a transparency layer. I wouldn’t call changes snappy but it takes less than 1 second for a change in brightness or contrast to be reflected. Gamma changes seem to take about 2 seconds.

I have DDR4 memory but would be surprised if DDR5 made an appreciable difference here.

I’m almost certain that LightBurn is not GPU accelerated.

But you’re saying that you had better performance on a like-for-like change previously?

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