S-Value for LC-60A (Genmitsu Jinsoku)

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New to laser but long time cnc user. I bought a SainSmart LC-60A (5.5w) laser recently and came across an interesting issue. On page 23 of the LC-60A manual, they suggest to put the S-Value max in Lightburn at 10000. (could it be a typo?)

LC-60A manual

I read a recent discussion on S-value max and 1000 was the recommended amount for grbl 1.1f. I then read that the two should match up.

My million dollar question then is… is having a different number (in this case higher in Lightburn than in grbl) an issue? or is it recommended they match? I likely will change it and see if anything happens but wanted to hear if anyone else has experienced a similar issue.



If you want full 0% to 100% pwm they need to match…


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