S30 laser not firing

The green light on my sculpfun s30 pro is on but the laser does not fire on framing or etching I am using Lightburn 1.6.01 windows 11. tried preferences when it worked but that did not work either please help!

Hello Pam,

We need a bit more information, Please share:
a) Edit > Device settings (screenshot please)
b) Edit > Settings (screenshot)
c) Open a project, send a full screenshot of LightBurn showing the laser and layers panel too

The green light shows that power is available. Once you send a signal to it (like fire or start a project) then there should be a second light turning on. Does it?
If not, there are a few tests that you can do, check the beginning of this guide:

I second what Melvin suggested-specifically Part 13 of the Diode Laser Wiki maintenance guide.

One other thing to check is that the green O-Ring is is centred in the air nozzle. It makes a mess if it gets twisted and blocks the laser beam.