S30 Pro Air assist does'nt blow anymore

Hello, first of all, I’m french, so I really hope my English is good enough for you to understand me well.
My problem is about my air assist pump and i’ll try to be the most accurate in my description possible.

So, I bought a Sculpfun S30 Pro 6 months ago. I’m novice and it’s my first laser machine. Installation and configuration went well and I never had problem since my firt use of it. Air assist came with the machine and ran perfectly until now. (I also specify that the pump is installed next to my laser, in a aspiration box I made myself)

Yesterday, I noticed my cuts became pretty bad. Laser didn’t go trought the wood (as usual with the same settings and same wood) and leaves burn traces. I pulled off the air flexible and put my hand on the pump. It turns on when the air assit in ON but does’nt blow any air.

This morning, I tried again after I verified the wire connections but problem persists. I tried the manual command M8 and M9 and the pump turns ON and OFF without blowing. The blue Led turns on correctly too. But no air.

I assume that it’s a mechanical problem but I prefer ask you some advices before I try to disassemble or change the pump. And maybe, if I need to change it, you know a good/best air assist I could buy.

Thank you

Check near the end of this page.

Oh thank you ! I check this right now

The pump is in an extra enclosure? Or is it placed in the laser enclosure? The latter is a no-go which will cause the pump to break down fast. You need to make sure that it only can suck in clean air.

Did you check if the air inlet holes are still open? Or blocked by some dirt? I think you should open it as parsec suggested and check if it still moves as expected.

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Yes it’s in the same area and now I know it’s not a good idea. I tought it would be ok like this but, indeed, the air hold was blocked by some burned coal. I disassembled the pump, cleaned it and it run perfectly again now. It appeers that I’m gona have to make some changes in my global installation but I’m happy to have learned that today.

Anyway, thank you for helping me