S9 laser module upgrade (5w to 10w or 20w)

Hi, new to forum so hello everyone…I have a S9 5w and would now like to upgrade module. I see upgrading to new S30 pro max is not possible due to weight of laser …has anyone tried / failed ? If this isn’t the case is there another 20 w module I could swap out …worse case I’ll assume the S10 Pro 10w with air assist is just a direct swap out with the purchase of a compressor? Would you advise a generic compressor or upgrade mother board and use sculpfun items ? Your help with this would be great and thanks in advance for your time , Gary :slightly_smiling_face:

You can upgrade to any module except the 20W. It’s not only the weight, it’s also using different power supply. So, you would need to swap the frame, the module and the mainboard, so not much gain (and - the 20W module is not available as single module).

I’d recommend the S30-10W module, it has replaceable lenses in contrast to the S10, so a little easier maintenance. And it’s slightly upgraded, at least in my experience. But the S10 is very similar, so if the price matters, the S10 is fine as well.

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Thank you for the information much appreciated :+1:t2: Gary :slightly_smiling_face: