SainSmart 3018 PRO not starting at bottom left corner

I just installed LightBurn in my laptop and connected it automatically to my SainSmart 3018 PRO.
I am able to connect to the laser nicely, and have been able to “flash fire” and run a few test texts. However, the test texts do not start at the bottom left corner.
The laser goes somewhere toward the center of the test piece (MDF) and begins there. When I try another text file with different settings (power, etc) the laser goes back to the center of the work piece and I have to physically move the work piece so that I can burn the text text.
I did this four times today and each time the text tests were wonderful to see. It was unfortunate that they all went to the same center location on the work piece and I had to physically move the work piece.
How can i change the program to start at the bottom left corner?

You might be working in Absolute Coords or User Origin mode, or you might not be set up correctly yet.

Read here:

Thanks. I was able to resolve the issue with help from the SainSmart Facebook page.
Once all of t he images are created and the cut/fill information is entered, create a rectangle around tyhe whole area – in the size of the material that you will be using. As an example, I was using a piece of MDF measuring 300mm wide by 180mm high. Once the rectangle is created, check OFF the cut line output box. The rectangle then will not cut but will provide a little green dot at the bottom left where you want the laser to start from. Use Move to physically move the laser to the left bottom corner of the workpiece and everything goes straight forward from there.

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