Sainsmart 3018Pro not connecting

I had just got this CNC machine and can only use the laser until a replacement wire for the Z-axis comes in. I cannot get any information from the console on Lightburn besides no connection, it can find my CNC machine, but will not allow me to connect to it. I can fully operate my machine from GRBL candle, I have no idea what to look for otherwise.

Are you choosing the correct com port?

Also have you set up Lightburn correctly when choosing your machine initially? There are 2 gbrl options and you need to choose the correct one depending on the gbrl version your using.

If one is not working try the other.

It had been selecting the wrong port, guess it was a simple mistake, thank you


I would recommend you do a search for 3018 on this forum… There is a guide for how to set up these machines in Lightburn etc.

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