Same setting, different result


I’m engraving some coloured eco-leather. I’m Using a Diode Laser, fixed focus.

When I didi it a couple of months ago, I was getting a good result, with 2500 mm/m @ 10% power.
Today, at the same speed I need to Output 20% Power to get the same shade of blue.

I attach a material test from back then and from today. Same DPI, same n. of Passes… what other settings could have effect this difference?

Thank you.

If the leather is from a different batch, it will almost certainly respond differently to the same laser power/speed settings.

Also, lasers aren’t forever: if you’ve been having lots of fun lasering during the last “couple of months”, the laser diode may be wearing out.

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If the machine does not have air assist, the lens can also be dirty.

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