Same settings, different colors and different results

Hi, a client of mine is finding a terrible problem, has made the transition from the Lightburn version for GBRL controller to the DSP controller on Ruida as a new installation, setting the same parameters (for example speed 10, maximum power 33 and minimum 29) if it uses color Black for the level the machine does not cut, if it uses the red color “quite well” if it uses the green color the plexyglass is on fire with all the air assist … and this happens for any level color … It seems that every one, even if I write the same parameters, then make the cut with extremely different powers … how is this thing possible? What could I do to solve? In addition to obviously to make him format the computer that is new and with Windows 11. I have uninstalling lightburn, delete all the tracks from the register and reinstall but the problem remains, if I use my computer with my lightburn on new files is fine Everything, if instead I use an .lbrn2 or also .LBRN file Created by its version of Lightburn the problem remains

DSP (commonly ruida controlled) engravers typically use mm/second and diode lasers (commonly GRBL controlled) typically use mm/minute. Other units of speed are Feet per second, miles per hour and knots per fortnight. Please confirm that you are using the same units for speed between the two machines and each of the different variations of the file in testing. It’s an easy mistake to make. I absolutely have done this resulting in at least some of the behaviour you are describing.

I believe the colors you mention are the ones that represent layers. Layers have settings visible in the Cuts / Layers menu. To add further complexity, shapes can have Shape Properties and one of the Shape Properties is Power Scale which allows you to turn down the output of the laser on a particular shape in a given Layer.

If you are willing to share the LBRN (or lbrn2) files I will open them to see if I can find what is doing this.

I solved the problem by initializing and reporting all the colors of the levels to the default values, probably my client had done damage with the settings. Thank you all

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