Save as other formats

I designed my logo in light burn and never thought about needing to export it to others. Like for cards my on line store. Is there any way to save a light burn file to PNG, word file, or something else others can use?

Screen Capture?

Never done that is it a clean format ?

If you use File > Export, you have a choice of .ai, .dxf, or .svg.
Does one of those work for you?

Yes DXF will I can then convert it from my turbo cad program “many thanks” that should work

Well that worked to a point, My other program read it clear as a bell. Then converted it to jpg. png and gif those three are what I need they converted course. it converted smoothly to PDF but I cant use that . Wow any more ideas are welcome

I’ve had great results from exporting to SVG and importing to Inkscape. Inkscape has a native feature which allows the size of the PNG output and resolution to be configured in the export panel.


Adobe Illustrator, InkScape and even Gimp can read SVG files and save as PNG, JPG, etc.
Adobe Illustrator and InkScape can import DFX files and export PNG, JPG files.

InkScape and Gimp are free.

Thank you, We all need to help each other

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