Save different settings

maybe I am blind, but: Is there an option to save different cut settings in Lightburn? Eg for: engraving in plywood, engraving in acryl etc.

I don’t know I’m here learning my self but is gimp is where u would set your image in to fit the the plywood with and add on called (Da Gimpying )

Emmm, no. I meant: Speed, Max Power, No of passes.

The cut library will manage the power settings and speed. I’ve not had to use the number of passes feature, so I can’t directly advise regarding that aspect, but I would not be surprised if it stored that information.

I keep my library in the cloud, which gives one machine access for updates performed on the other.

Bottom right of Lightburn.
It is also possible to save the number of passes, speed power and other settings of a layer.

I was blind!

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