Save file: error

I’m not able to hit Command S to save anymore for some reason,
This error started yesterday.
Does anyone know how to resolve this? I’m saving to the cloud so that I can work on the files regardless of whether I’m in the shop or the office. I haven’t had any issues with saving over older versions of the same file name until now.

Here’s the Error Notice
"LightBurn was unable to remove the backup file ‘/Users/admin/pCloud Drive/___/___Files/____RNLkZi.lbrn’"

• nova 51 100w
• mac mini OS 10.13

When saving over a file that exists, LightBurn renames the current file to a temporary name, like “YourFile_asdfkc.lbrn”, then saves your new version as “YourFile.lbrn”, then deletes the backup after the save has completed. If it can’t delete the backup it made, you’ll see that message, but the actual save did work, it just couldn’t remove the backup of the older version.

I can’t say why that wouldn’t work, but it’s possible that renaming a file on the cloud drive isn’t working as expected, or it’s locked temporarily, while it’s happening, or … ? I haven’t seen this before, but the save did actually complete, so you haven’t lost work.

Hey Oz,
Thanks for this, you’re correct, the files are still saving, but I’m getting a gratuitous message that looks like an error for some reason.

It’s possible that the cloud software doesn’t like me renaming the file, or trying to delete it immediately after the rename - it might be updating the cloud instance of that file and have it locked, which would cause LightBurn to present the message to you.

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