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Trying to save my completed file as an RD file, but the default option is to save it as a GCode file. How do I change this and make my default save settings to save my workpiece as an RD file?

The available option to save as gcode or RD file is based on your device profile. If you are using a gcode device profile then gcode is available. If you are using a Ruida profile then saving to RD file is available.

Your profile indicates that your controller is iLaser which is a gcode type but your laser listed is typically a CO2 laser with a DSP controller.

Okay starting to make sense now.
I only have the availability to connect a new device manually, which is what I tried to do and that did not work or I chose the wrong options. What recommendations would you make for me to add a new device that would coincide with the type of laser that I have.

Can you link to the specific device that you have? Or take a picture of the control panel and controller and may be able to identify.

What program do you currently use to operate your laser?

Yes I can, The specific laser that I have is
And the only program that I use to operate my laser is lightburn, but through DXF files.

Based on what I can see in the manual on that page it seems to confirm that you have a Ruida controller.

Can you elaborate? What does your workflow look like?

I’m also wondering if I misunderstood your original problem. If you’re running your laser with LightBurn today, in what way are you not able to save the output file?

Can you push Devices in Laser window, then click on the name of your laser one time, and then take a screenshot? That will show what device profile you have configured.

My concern was that I wanted to save finished files as RD files instead of GCode files because I think GCode is the default. I went through Devices in the laser window and created manually a new laser with a ruida controller and it allowed me to save my finished files as RD files so I think that my problem is fixed.
Thank you for all of your help.

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