Saved Files Retaining Settings

In one of the Facebook groups for a diode laser, people are complaining that when they save a LightBurn file and re-open it, the settings they had used are lost. I’m telling them that I have hundreds of “lbrn2” files and they all retain the settings I used. The LA Hobby guy even told someone the settings aren’t saved.

What could be happening for them or am I just lucky? :wink:

I would like the answer to this question too.

The actual parameters are literally coded into the file and is one of the key components of the file. You can see an example here:


If these are somehow getting lost it’s conceivable the file is getting corrupted or perhaps the workflow they’re going through is not as described. For example, some people expect cut settings to be retained between projects. However, if you’ve loaded a different file in the meantime the last loaded settings will still be in memory and people forget that may have occurred.

As for how files can get corrupted this often happens if they’re saving to a cloud storage drive. These have a tendency to mess with file saves.

As a counterpoint I’ve saved/opened literally thousands of files and have never had settings not be retained.

Here’s the code for one of my files. The layer was set to cut at 300 mm/min, yet it shows “5”. Is the 5 a value for the stepper motor, or something?

I think the value on the file is in mm/s. So in this case 300 mm/min → 5 mm/s.

Ah, so even though I’m working in mm/min, it’s sending it as mm/sec. I just confirm that.

I appreciate your help.

LightBurn stores everything internally in mm/sec, and mm. If you model in inches, or use speeds in mm/min, inches/min, etc, it’s only the display of those that changes - internally, everything is stored the same.

The most likely thing happening is people using ‘Import’ instead of ‘Open’ to load their project files. If you ‘Import’ a project, it treats it like any other vector import, ignoring the settings and just pulling the shapes in the file into your existing project.

It’s also possible people are using the ‘Art Library’ and expecting that to save settings - it doesn’t - it saves clip art shapes with no settings, intended to be shared artwork that you’d use for many things.

I’ve seen this complaint from people on Facebook, but any time someone has actually contacted us to say this is happening, it turns out to be one of the above.

Thanks you so much.

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