Saved positions and multiple objects/images

Hi folks,

I’ve looked quite a bit in the documentation and a few YouTube videos but I can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for.

I have 10 saved positions using absolute coordinates and I’m trying to move 10 objects to the center of each saved position. My current work flow is to move the laser to each saved position, select the object I want centered on it and click ‘Move to Laser Position’. It’s definitely doable right now but let’s say I have 100 wood circles I’m trying to engrave an image on to 100 different saved positions; it will take a long time.

Is there a way to distribute 100 objects to the center (or any) position of the previously saved positions?

To be clear, I’m not engraving 100 things evenly spaced on a big piece of wood. I’m placing 100 ~10mm wood circles in the work area and want the images I’m engraving to correspond to the saved positions.

Any help or workarounds are appreciated!

Anyone have any input? Is my question not clear or am I actually doing this the right way?

I like challenges of this sort, but I’m not sure I understand the process sufficiently to suggest alternative methods. The key aspect of your description is that you don’t want evenly spaced objects. That clarification is valuable, in my opinion.

How do you “previously save a position?” Do you mean that you have a cut file with a specific object saved at a known location and you’d like to place another object in that same location? If so, what happens to the previous object?

I’m going to run with that scenario.

If you are able to place one set of known-location objects on one layer, you can set that layer to not-burn but use the individual items to center the new items, almost certainly than using the move laser sequence.

How close am I?

Saved positions are generally used for repeatable jigs or things like that where you want to move the laser to a known location so you can set an origin there.

For shapes, it’s far simpler to just type the position of the shape into the position boxes in the toolbar, or, if these 100 positions are going to be things you use over and over again, create a template file that contains them once using a tool layer (T1 / T2), lock them, then just use the snapping tools to move things over them.


I set the image layer to ‘off’ so I could see through it to the “targets” I laid out. When the cursor changes to an X, I’m centered over the target.

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Thank you for the input, I’ll check this out. Much appreciated!

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