Saving a preview as a .png

Has anybody noticed, when saving a preview as a .png file, that you can not name the file the same name as a folders name, within the folder you are saving the file.

I made a few Christmas ornaments and had each style in a different folder all within a master 2020 Ornament folder. I wanted to save pictures of all the ornaments in the master 2020 Ornament folder, and was trying to name the .png a specific style of ornament that just happened to match the folder name within the master folder. It just opens the specific folder instead of saving.

If you don’t add the extension, but just type the folder name and press enter, the system has no way of knowing that you wanted to name the file that instead of going into that folder. If you just add the .png extension yourself, there is no ambiguity and the system will save the file as requested.

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