Saving changes in trial

The trial does not allow me to save changes. Will I be able to save once purchased ?

I am not aware that the trial version lock you from saving files. Are you on Windows or Mac?

There is no difference in capability or behavior from trial to purchased. The only change is the license key itself.

If something is not working correctly there’s something else going on or something inherent to LightBurn, not the license.

thanks for the reply . . . . Is it likely that light burn are aware that this may be a problem. I am running on a Mac Book Pro. on 10.12.6. When I try to save my drawing I get " LightBurn was unable to create ‘/volumes/LightBurn/Ivy.lbrn2’ "

Use Save As and navigate to a folder where you have write permission.

Have you actually installed the software or are you attempting to run it from the mounted .dmg image?

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Sorted. . . . thank you for your help . . . S

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