Saving file as an image


Can I save an image (pdf, jpg etc) of my design file in Lightburn so that I can insert it into a document please?
I know you can print the image to a printer (an item on the drop down file menu) but I’m wanting to save the image.

I am doing a height chart for my daughter and it’s made up of 6 tiles. I have completed (I think anyway) the design files for each tile (each tile is a separate Lightburn file), but want to send images of each one to her “for approval” before I laser them.

I do know of the “long way round” by printing each tile, scanning the result, combining into one document etc, but wondering if there was a quicker/easier way. Alternatively, I could “print screen” and crop the result etc.





From the Preview window, click Save image.


Thanks Hank. It won’t save with any detail in the file. I’m using Windows 10. Lightburn 0.9.24
Is there something I’m missing?

I don’t know what I did, but the Save Image on the Preview screen now works for me. Happy camper now.

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