Saving GCode locks up program

Ever since the latest update 1.2.04, almost every time I go to save GCode the program stops “responding” It makes it to 9% and sits there. I close it and try again, same thing. I close the program and try again, maybe it makes it to 30% then stops responding. I shutdown my computer and restart, same thing. After 5-6 times, it finally makes it through and saves. Is there a glitch with the latest update. This has never happened before. I’m using Windows 11 latest version.

I just saved the GCode for several files with no problem in LightBurn 1.2.04 running on Windoze 10.

Hi Peter,

Does this issue happen if you try to save a very simple project, like a rectangle? If not, it’s likely due to the complexity of the project you’re saving, especially if you’re engraving an image at a high DPI, or using ‘Offset Fill’ with complex vectors, or with a low interval. If you share your project file here, we can take a look at your settings. If you’d rather not share it publicly, you can send it to, and we can have a look. Please reference this thread if you do.

Make sure you’re running the 64 bit Windows version of LightBurn. The 32 bit version has less access to memory, and could lock up more easily.

Yes, they are probably considered complex but locking up vs taking 15min to compute is a different type of pain in the butt.

I’m new to lightburn so I’ll take a look at all the settings/parameters yo u mentioned.

If trying to make a bolder line with setting it to fill, will having an offset line in both sides increase the complexity significantly or will it just run the design 3 times? Is there a better way to make a bolder line with using rastering?

Thx for the advice

…WITHOUT setting it to fill…

You can try offsetting the shape and using Offset Fill - It’s pretty ideal for that particular use case.

Does that still raster? The rastering is what I’m trying to avoid. Say you want to burn a scroll design around a picture frame. If it rasters, it takes significantly longer going across the white space than if it could just draw the lines. But the lines are so thin they don’t stand out very well. That’s why I would just offset in/outward by .0020 and the line would be more apparent yet still not raster. But if this makes the program stop responding when computing the GCode, what are my options?

It sounds like you are looking for the option “Flood Fill”

Without flood fill on this 5x5 Square will take around 20 minutes to be filled.

With Flood Fill enabled it is dropped significantly

I hope this is what you were looking for, Flood Fill is located in the layer settings for “Fill” under advanced. It will still raster engrave the “border” however it will not travel through the white space to do so.

Well that sounded promising so I tried it. These are some screen shots.

Intended design but the lines are so thin it’s hard to see clearly. This would take 1+hr to burn.

So I offset both in/outward .0020 or .0030 to make the line appear heavier.

That gives me this unwanted pic and text box. I’m not sure about the open shapes because in order to highlight and move anything doesn’t it have to be closed? I hit continue and then get this…

Hahaha…so maybe this isn’t the ideal image but I’m sure there are more complex images people are doing all the time. I will try the “flood fill” on a simpler image. I appreciate that tip. Any other suggestions?

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