Saving lbrn from 9.22

I upgraded to 9.22, and tried to save in lbrn format so i can change back to 9.20, but even if i chose lbrn, LightBurn kept saving it or at least naming the file with lbrn2 extension.

I ended up renaming it to lbrn, loading it to 9.22, and then saving it back with ‘save’.
Then i could open it in 9.20

using Xubuntu 20.04

Saving like this?

Chose legacy lbrn, then save. Then i closed 9.22, opened 9.20, and was looking for the file. Couldn’t find it, so i took a look in the folder and saw that it’s lbrn2 extension. Ah silly me, probably i chose wrong extension i thought.
So i repeated it and again it got saved as lbrn2.

That’s strange - if I choose ‘legacy’ I get lbrn, if I choose ‘light burn project’, I get lbrn2, every time.

You are ‘saving as’, rather than ‘save’, aren’t you?

Before saving:

After saving:

We have not seen this reported, so thank you for this. We will take a look. :slight_smile:

@Edocecrous is right - and this is just a linux (well, probably just some linux) problem. The file save dialog on Linux is handling the filenames in a non-standard way, compared to Windows and Mac. It’s an easy fix, I’ll get it patched, tested, and pushed in the morning. Should be in the next release.

In the meantime, still select “LightBurn Legacy Project” but also make sure to type the .lbrn at the end of the chosen file name. Then it will save correctly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks Adam!
(i tried to write you a pm but the system didn’t take it)

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I have a fix implemented and I’m currently testing it on every platform (since it’s platform specific). But it’s going to miss the next release push, unfortunately. We have too many critical patches to release and this is too much of a core code thing to rush. Especially when it does have a workaround. But it will definitely be in the release after that.

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I’m not really worried about this one, since i calibrated my system the other ‘problem’ (about the white space) is not causing shifts anymore, i can burn with 50 micron accuracy.

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