Saving/Loading library to layer #

My understanding of the library feature is that you basically “name” a layer with whatever settings you desire(optionally edit after creation) and then you can apply those settings to a layer.

I’m wondering if it is possible to save all of the layers at once to create something like a material profile. The scenario I envision would apply the profile layer00 - layerNN (that were saved). I have tendency to work by convention and feel like this would allow me to let me just think of layer00/black always cuts through material… layer02/red does light fill, etc.

Thought I’d ask if it is possible, if so what is the feature called.

You can set the layer and make it the default… in the cut/layer edit window…

Screenshot from 2022-10-21 14-14-13

The library is probably not the best choice for that type of procedure … because of the way it’s laid out.

After a while, I settled on lenses being the most important and have been setting my library up like this…

Screenshot from 2022-10-21 14-16-42

Good luck


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