Saving Machine Settings

I am using Lightburn v0.9.04 software.

How do I save the machine settings so when I do a Lightburn software update I just restore these settings without having to manually one by one change the GRBL settings using the Console.

I have tried doing this through the Machine Settings panel but the Load and Save are grayed out.

Thank you,

Those settings are stored in the controller itself, so it’s not necessary to save them if you’re updating LightBurn. Even LightBurn’s own settings are stored outside the program folder, so updating the software doesn’t harm its own settings either.

If you wish to save the GRBL settings, you can type $$ in the console, then copy the text that is displayed into Notepad or something similar. That text could then be put into a macro in LightBurn and re-sent to the controller that way if you needed to restore them.

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