Saving machine settinings

I save to file and write to eProm then close Lightburn. When I start back up do I have to pick machine then load from backup? This is for backlash etc. I’ve closed and reopened but it goes to default settings then I have to load from file. Trying to load settings when I pick machine together without having to pick machine then load settings. Is that [possible ??

I can’t keep track of these machines, but some of these will not allow you to store it within the controller… so when it reboots, these settings are lost… Some won’t allow you to even change any of these values… It depends on the firmware.

@berainlb deals with these I believe and he could probably advise what’s going on and how to correct it, if possible…


Generally no but this is also dependent on the firmware implementation. Some manufacturers disable the ability to either permanently save configuration settings by auto-loading defaults or worse, disallow changes altogether.

Looking at your profile it lists Sculpfun S9 and Ortur. Ortur lasers all allow permanent changes so that shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re experiencing a problem there then that’s indicating a different problem.

I believe early Sculpfun lasers did prevent writing to firmware for certain settings but not certain. In any case, I believe they have updated firmware that does allow you to write to firmware. Even if not, you could load custom firmware on that machine assuming it uses the standard Arduino based board that is shipped with that machine.

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It’s a S10 Sculpfun. It’ll change when saved
“ or write to “ it but if I reload say Lightburn or I have to go and pick device then load device settings file. Not a big deal just thought maybe there was a workaround.

S10 should definitely preserve changes.

It’s not clear what you’re saying here. Are you saying that if you restart LightBurn or pick a different device and come back to this one that you lose your previously changed machine settings?

If so, there’s definitely something going wrong. In that case can you detail out exactly how you’re making these changes and what you are doing when they revert?

Yeah if I check both axis’s and adjust and set the changes to get written I go back and check and they have changed, say 80 to 82.3. But if I close Lightburn and reopen then pick my machine ( only one there ) it reverts to 80 not say 82.5. I have to load from file to get the correct settings.

That’s odd.

What if you make the changes from Console?

Not sure which axis you’re referring to but if you do something like this:


What is the output. If you run $$ again after restart of LightBurn what do you get?

I can not for the life of me figure out how to save the machine setting for my JPT 50w fiber laser. Can save the art work but not the settings. Any help would be appreciated. Can not seem to find a video on just that either. Can any of you help me?

Not sure what you mean by machine settings. However, when you save a project within Lightburn (lbrn2 file) all your layer/cut settings are saved with it.

I want to build a file of setting for say copper, silver, stainless I can refer to when setting up new art work for quick reference then adjust from there. I do that in Corel with my co2 & I have seen in some of the video’s that people have have these files but can’t figure out how to make them. I have screen shot the video’s but the resolution isn’t good enough to even see where they are saving them to. I know it is something easy I am missing.

I think you are referring to the ‘material library’. To add it to your workspace… ‘window’ drop down menu then ‘library’

I will look into thank, thank you so much. You are so kind.

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I see I wasn’t using the proper terms. Presets was what I was looking to set up. Think I got it now. Again thank you.

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