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I’ve notice what appears to be a bug with the software: I have changed the Pass Count a few times and saved the file, only to find out the next time that it somehow reverted back to the previous setting. So I discovered what was causing it. I’ll give a step by step of how I discovered it, and the workaround. Keep in mind that the number of passes is irrelevant, it’s the change that seems to be the issue.

Select a shape/object and the correct layer shows up. Go to Pass Count and change it, then click on the Floppy in the menu bar to save it. It reverts back to the previous number. But if you deselect that shape/object, then change the pass count and save in the same manner, it maintains the new Pass Count. I’ve repeated this multiple times. Why would it matter that you have anything selected when you’re saving the Pass Count? Unless I’m missing the significance of this.

What exactly do you mean by ‘correct’ layer shows up?

I just selected the objects and edit their layer. If this is what you mean…

I followed you step/step with my grbl machine and it works as expected. I change it and save it, same number that was saved. Didn’t change back…

Are you clicking ‘OK’ after changing it?

What version of Lightburn are you using?


When you select an object, then that layer highlights in the layers window

If you clicked on “OK” after you changed the Pass Count, then you didn’t follow step by step, because there isn’t an “OK” button when you simply change the Pass Count. I didn’t say “double-click the layer to get the Cut Settings Editor”, I said when you select an object, that layer shows up (on the right - highlights it), change the Pass Count below (with the arrow, up or down) then click the floppy (save) button at the top menu bar. Every time, it reverts back to what it was prior to the change.
I just did it again, does it every time.

What happens if you double click the layer and edit in the popup?

I’ll look into this - I’ve reproduced it here.

I assume this is a “sequencing” issue - Pass Count, and many of those values like it, commit their change when you click away from that control and do something else. (IE, when the control loses focus)

If that something else is the Save button, it’s possible that the save is processed before the change happens.

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What do you mean “what happens”? The Cut Settings Editor window opens, but that has nothing to do with what I’m referring to.

If I change the speed, the max power, or min power in the Cuts/Layers section on the right side of the application and click on the Save button, those changes are saved. If I change the Pass Count and click on the Save button, that change is not saved, it reverts back to the prior setting. It’s only doing this on the Pass Count. I’m strictly referring to the Cuts/Layers section on the right and making changes there.

Thanks, it’s only happening with the Pass Count, not the speed or Power settings. Initially I thought I was going nuts because I remember changing it to a lower pass count because it was 1 too many passes, then the next time I opened the file the pass count was higher.

This is fixed for the next release.

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For a guy who never understood GRBL or lasers, I picked up on using my laser so quickly thanks to LightBurn, and I’m learning more and more as I experiment on the application and different tools. So I truly appreciate what you guys created and that we can bring issues like this to you.



It sounds cheesy, but the “better software” tagline really does mean something to me, and part of that is trying to listen to customers and accommodate what people want.

I can’t please everyone obviously, but if you report something that’s a real bug that potentially affects everyone using the software, I prioritize fixing those. :slight_smile:

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